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Fighting Poverty Through Soccer

My name is Olivia Derleth and I am a senior at Webster Thomas High School. I have played soccer ever since I could remember. Three years ago our community sent a donation of soccer equipment to kids in Africa and I was inspired to continue this charity for my senior project. I never realized the things I was gifted with until I saw photos of the children playing together. Some didn't have any shoes and some only had one. They were playing on dirt soccer fields with a torn up ball. And this made me think, what can I do to help these kids. I was inspired to do this project because I love giving back to the world that I live in and if I can help make someone's life better in any way, I will do it. Together we are changing the world...one kick at a time.

There are miilions of talented soccer players living in astute poverty in low income communities in the United States and Africa. Soccer can keep kids in low income communities in the United States from drug abuse, for instance. HIV/AIDS and malaria are wrecking havoc in low income communties in Africa. In a continent where soccer is more popular than most religions, the very kids who make soccer happen lack basic soccer equipments like soccer shoes, shin guards, srimmage vests, warm-ups and jerseys. Poverty is the number one disease in these communities. Our HEART FOR SOCCER & HIV PROJECT is an appeal to donate your used soccer gear to this unfortunate section of our society. Please call us at 240 418 8610 or email us at a4asoccer@aol.com for us to arrange for the pickup of your donated used soccer gear for these less fortunate members of the society.

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