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HIV/AIDS is still a stigma in Africa. In spite of the amount of awareness that has been raised about the existence and killer effects of the disease over the years by local and international organizations, most Africans still live in complete denial. Some people in Africa, for instance, still attribute the cause of death to witchcraft in spite of overwhelming medical evidence attributing the cause of the death in question to HIV/AIDS. African families are tearing apart on suspicions of witchcraft and poisoning as the cause of death in cases where somebody has died of HIV/AIDS. People still find it unthinkable to do HIV/AIDS screening, especially before marriage. Africa is among the hardest hit continents by HIV/AIDS. Poverty has made matters worse. And because soccer is the greatest crowd puller in Africa, our Foundation, the America For Africa Soccer, Inc, is on a mission to construct the first HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium in the world. It will be a 10.000 capacity HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium.

HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium under Constructon Our Foundation currently runs several soccer programs in Africa. The most popular ones are Rush FC Bali and America For Africa Rush FC. Both clubs play in the Cup of Cameroon Football Competition and the NW DII Football championship in Cameroon. In 2012, Rush FC Bali were semi-finalists In the NW DII Football Championship while America For Africa Rush FC lost at the finals to become NW champion.

HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium under Constructon

Home games for these two teams are always crowd pullers. Upon completion, both teams will play their home games at our 10.000 capacity HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium in Bali, Cameroon which is under construction. We would use home games for these teams continuously educate the people of Africa that HIV/AIDS is still a killer disease. We would use these games to educate the local population about HIV/AIDS preventive skills as they enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.

HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium under Constructon Be part of history. Join us by donating to the construction of the HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium in Bali Nyonga, Cameroon, Africa. As you can see from the pictures below, construction work has begun on the historic HIV/AIDS stadium. HIV/AIDS must be defeated. And the importance of soccer in achieving this goal cannot be overemphasized. Please help us achieve this goal by December 2013.

HIV/AIDS Soccer Stadium under Constructon

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