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The America For Africa Soccer Foundation, Inc. is a non profit organization founded by Lawyer Sopo Ngwa and based in the United States of America. Our mission is to strive for the promotion of healthy habits and the reduction of poverty and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria in low income communities in the United States and Africa through soccer. The soccer arm of our organization in the United States is called the 'America For Africa FC, USA'. It is a U-18 Boys & Girls soccer program which went operational in the Fairland & Briggs Chaney area in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA on March 20, 2010. America For Africa FC, USA, is affiliated with US Club Soccer, Inc. The purpose of this program is to provide low income kids and the youth in the United States of America and the continent of Africa with basic soccer skills as a means of promoting healthy habits and fighting diseases. Additionally, our kids, through soccer, will learn how to stay out of trouble. By staying out of trouble, they will, at the same time, learn through our soccer programs how to avoid diseases such as HIV/AIDS, drugs and malaria, thereby growing up as responsible adults in their communities.

It is estimated, for instance, that 10% of all fatalities on the African continent is caused by diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberclosis. And in the United States of America, drug abuse and obesity are major areas of concern amongst the kids. Yet, Africa is the continent that has produced some of the world's greatest soccer players such as Samuel Eto'o and Roger Milla of Cameroon, George Weah of Liberia, Didier Dogba of Cote D'Ivoire and Michael Esien and Abedi Pele of Ghana.

We currently run two soccer programs on the continent of Africa. The first of our programs is called America For Africa FC. It is based in Bamenda, NW Region, Cameroon. Our other project is called 'Rush Football Club'. It is based in Bali Nyonga, the NW Region of Cameroon. Both programs are academies for poor but very talented soccer players. They are environments where poor but talented soccer players are trained and developed for future professional soccer careers. These programs teach kids how to stay out of trouble and grow up as responsible individuals in their communities.

Cameroon Rush CEO Lawyer Sopo Ngwa & Cameroon's indomitable lion, Mbuta Adondcho who scored the lone goal for Cameroon against Macedonia in an international friendly in February 2011.
Taking the 'Rush way' to kids in low income communities.
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